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The Ideal Candidate for Each Role

PI gives you the data and support you need to stop high turnover and pick the best candidate every time.

Maximize Team Cohesion and Productivity

Design teams that thrive. Become a better manager. Build business relationships that last.

Create the best company culture

Avoid conflicts before they happen with PI’s Team Management Tools

Ensure Teams have High Productivity

Show employees how to get it right the first time at double the speed using PI’s time-tested development guides.

Client Testimonials

Theresa Fesinstine Headshot

Simply put, Michelle is someone you want in your corner. Michelle was one of the best sales/client relationships I’ve had.

She is insightful and a great collaborator. Her shared knowledge of the Predictive Index helped me internalize the complex system and bring it to life in my organization.”

Theresa Fesinstine

Culture Executive
Sage Realty Corporation

Tim Lafaver Headshot

“What I’ve always felt very strongly about is not just hiring somebody to fill the seat. I wanted to feel with passion and conviction that I had hired the perfect person..

I wanted to prove that a [behavioral] pattern was a significant predictor of sales performance. And with this validity study [of Predictive Index], I was able to say just that.”

PI was integral in helping Ross achieve her hiring goals. By adding [Predictive Index] to the recruiting process, DocuSign’s sales team experienced a 21% increase in performance and its high attrition disappeared.

Susan Ross

Senior Director of Recruiting

Eric Jean Headshot

Olivier brings a strong customer insight and marketing flair to his strategy development activities.

While working with him, I had the opportunity to be exposed to his market-driven approach.

This strength coupled with his strong work ethics is what sets Olivier clearly apart from the others.

Eric Jean

General Manager, Healthcare

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