Frankly, our work is about you. But perhaps you’re curious about why we are good at what we do. 

To make a long story short, we’ve all been part of the creation of talent optimization. We helped develop the science behind it, the software and service solutions powering it, and the stories driving clients to it. In fact, if you are a certified talent optimization consultant, you can thank us… because we directed that certification’s development, too. 

And that is just for the last couple of years. We combine more than 50 years of experience in sales, top-tier management consulting, and advanced data analytics.

Chances are, we have some experience with your client’s industry. Trucking & logistics? Check. Furniture retail? Check. Temp labor? Check. If there is an SIC code for it, we probably know something about it, and we’ll learn the rest rather quickly.

Oh, and we are entrepreneurs too, just like you.

​We are proud of who we are, but all this only matters because you have access to that experience, every day, in every conversation. Doesn’t your bench suddenly sound stronger?

Olivier Aries

Olivier Aries

Co-Founder/Talent Optimization Implementer

Olivier is a business transformation coach who has been advising corporations and consultants for 25 years.

His unique strength is to see challenges and opportunities through a double lens: the hard  side of strategy execution, and the soft side of talent and human beings. Olivier is more than a consultant: he has led line responsibilities, including as head of the crisis management & recovery unit of global consulting firm’s Kearney; he also co-founded a Pentagon-funded deep tech venture developing autonomous solutions for emergency casualty management on the battlefield.

Prior to co-founding the Thrive Collective in 2020, Olivier was Vice President of Professional Services at The Predictive Index, launching new Talent Optimization solutions for PI Partners and Clients. At the Thrive Collective, he has since served as a trusted advisor to some of the Talent Optimization world’s most successful firms and solos.

Olivier is a Board member of Community Action Partners, the consulting delivery arm of the Harvard Business School Association of Boston, where he leads teams of HBS Alumni advising non-profit organizations; he also coaches a number of non-profit Executive Directors.

Nancy Dabu

Nancy Dabu

Principal & Talent Optimization Architect

Nancy Dabu is our newest Principal. During her three-year tenure at Predictive Index, she ranked as the team’s historical top performer as an Account Executive. Her knack for closing complex and ambitious deals led to her next role as PI’s only Sales Engineer. Post-covid, Nancy logged a year within PI supporting and training new partners in all things talent optimization. Along with Olivier, she can often be found leading PI’s signature “LAUNCH” training for new PI partners.



Science Advisor

Greg Barnett has spent 20 years wearing many hats across the workforce assessment and talent world. Greg was a Senior Managing Consultant at IBM, the Director of Product Development and Consulting at Hogan Assessment Systems, and the Director of Operations and Product Strategy at Kenexa. 



Co-Founder & Talent Optimization Advisor

Michelle joined the Predictive Index in 2018 as an Account Executive before rapidly climbing up the ranks. She received the Talent Optimization award twice while at The Predictive Index. From September 2018 to March 2020 Michelle brought on 94 new clients totaling close to $1M in new business revenue.

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